Online Degree and Certificate

You can earn the Web Professional Associate of Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement to prepare for careers in

  • Web Site Design,
  • Web Site Development,
  • Content Management System Development,
  • Content Management Theme Design,
  • Web Database Development,
  • Mobile Web Development,
  • eCommerce Development, or
  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting.

This web design training can be completed entirely online.

Program Philosophy

Our team of knowledgeable and talented faculty will provide you with a foundation in writing valid XHTML markup, separating content from presentation with CSS, designing information architecture, applying principles of accessibility and usability, technical writing, and web project management. We emphasize design concepts, such as color theory, gestalt principles, typography, and page layout. You will also have frequent opportunities to work on group projects, acquiring essential collaborative, communication, and self-regulation skills.

We teach popular software applications (e.g. Adobe CS6) and scripting languages, however, you will become aware that tools change frequently in the industry. We will help you to become a successful lifelong learner so that after you graduate, you can easily stay current in this rapidly changing field.

Program News  

Spring 2015 Semester

Enrollment is open for Spring 2015. Classes begin Monday, January 19, 2015. We are offering the following courses:

  • DMA C102 Digital Imaging
    (CRN 32173)
  • DMA C111 Fundamentals of Web Development
    (CRN 32440)
  • DMA C113 Accessibility and Usability
    (CRN 32174)
  • DMA C117 Web Design with Dreamweaver
    (CRN 32175)
  • DMA C213 Web Scripting with Javascript
    (CRN 32176)
  • DMA C280 Web Production Management (CRN 32177)

If you have obtained essential skills through work experience or from another college, you can have prerequisites waived. Please contact Suzie Ama ( if you feel you meet this requirement and wish to enroll in the advanced courses.

See the How to Register page for instructions on registering for classes. Hope you can join us this Fall!

Plan Ahead

Please see the Classes page to see the long term schedule for Digital Media Arts courses. The online schedule is displayed by default. If you click a campus site name in the accordion table, the long term schedule for that campus displays.

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