Class Preparation

To make sure that you are best prepared for a successful semester,

  1. Are you ready to learn online? Take the Student Skills Quiz. Take the Technical Skills Quiz. If you feel unsure about online student skills, you might consider enrolling in PDEV C052 Becoming a Successful Online Student. If you feel unsure about technical skills, you might consider enrolling in CSCI C070 Computer Literacy.
  2. Verify that you have the requisite entry skills for the course, including computer literacy, college-level reading and writing skills, and that you have completed any additional course requisites (either advisory or prerequisite).
  3. Enroll in courses. Go to the Schedule of Classes, and select CC Online for the semester in which you wish to enroll. Locate the course(s) in which you wish to enroll, and make note of the course registration number (CRN). Then follow the instructions on How to Register for Classes.
  4. Order textbooks from the college Bookstore. Order required discounted software through
  5. Online courses do not require that you log in at specific times during the day or week, but you are responsible for meeting weekly deadlines or incremental deadlines during the week. You will need to log in several times during the week to get your work done and to engage in discussion and collaboration with your peers.
  6. Be open minded and enthusiastic about the idea of working in a group. Several of our courses involve a group assignment. Collaboration and leadership are essential soft skills in the web design industry, and our curriculum is designed to help you develop these skills. If you have never worked in a group before, that is okay. We will teach you how to do this. Again, it is important that you log into class several times a week, even if briefly to facilitate group discussion.

For continued success during the semester,

  1. Develop a weekly schedule for the semester that sets some time aside early in the week to read assigned resources and make early contact with peers—especially if you’ve working in a group. Determine which days and times of day you are most alert and able to produce quality work and schedule those times during the week for school.
  2. If you are struggling with concepts or techniques, don’t be timid about asking your instructor for help. If you need tutoring, we can arrange that, as well. Let us know! We are here to help you succeed!
  3. Engage with your class learning community…ask questions, answer questions, find resources…the more you put into your learning experience, the more you will receive from it.